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Fair Use Policy

Free Tech Support

Customers who purchase Cashbook Complete are entitled to free support, but to qualify for free support, the user must:-

  • Have a Quick Question for Which We Have a Quick Answer
    Whilst almost all support is free, Acclaim Software reserves judgement on whether paid / remote support is required. The criteria for remote support are shown in the next section.
  • Be Using a Supported Operating System
    We can only provide support to users with Windows PCs because Cashbook Complete has been designed for Windows only. Support is not provided to users with Mac computers (even if Windows is installed on the Mac). To check if your system is supported, see our System Requirements.
  • Be Reasonably Computer Literate
    Any user who is not reasonably computer literate, and does not know the basics of how to use or navigate an operating system, really should be using the professional services of a computer technician. "Free Support" does not mean "Free Computer Training".
  • Show Reasonable Initiative to Solve the Problem
    Cashbook Complete includes extensive online help and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which explain in detail how Cashbook Complete should be used. If you are stuck, and don't know how to move forward, please make sure that you have a look at these resources first.
  • Not Use Our Tech Support for General Computer Problems
    We only give tech support for Cashbook Complete — not for any other software.

Technically, as a registered user, you are entitled to THREE free support emails. In reality however, we don't count the number of emails that you make — but if you ring or email us too frequently or you are difficult to deal with for any reason (poor English, don't explain yourself well, aggressive or abusive), then we'll start counting. We consider that is more than fair. If you do need more than three free support emails, then additional support can be purchased for $50 for another three emails.

Remote Support

With remote support, you download an app and give us a password which allows us to temporarily see your screen and take control of your mouse and keyboard in order to resolve a problem. You'll be able to see what we're doing, and we'll be talking you through it over the phone.

It is Acclaim Software's desire to always have a good resolution to a tech support issue, but unfortunately, some tech support issues are virtually impossible to resolve because we can't see what the customer's looking at or it is specific to their computer or the customer isn't very good at explaining what the issue is or the customer isn't very computer literate. In these cases, in order to provide a satisfactory outcome, it is necessary that we use remote support so that the customer can show us the problem and we can show them the solution. If the tech support is along the lines of any of the following then there is a $25 fee for remote support:-

  • Question Is Difficult to Understand
    The question being asked is difficult to understand and it would be better if the user shows us the problem and at the same time explains the problem over the phone.
  • Answer Is Difficult to Understand
    We have given an answer to a question but the user doesn't understand how to implement the answer, so we need to show how to do it.
  • We Need to See the Data
    The question being asked would require that we can see the data they're looking at in order to give a sensible answer.
  • Long-Winded Question / Answer
    The question is long-winded or else needs a long-winded answer which in our opinion would be better done with remote support.
  • Computer Specific Problem
    The problem is specific to the user's computer (i.e. we can't duplicate it on our side).
  • Is Training Related
    The question being asked is really a training issue, not a software issue and the user needs a few minutes of training on how to do a specific task.
  • Outside Our Control
    The problem is outside our control (e.g. a printing, MS Windows, MS Access Runtime problem).

If we find that the problem is something to do with the Cashbook software being faulty, then we're happy to refund the money. The $25 is for labour only, and does not guarantee a result and is for up to 10 minutes of time.


It is important to realise that when a registration is purchased, it is a registration for a data file (not for a computer). This has been done so that you can use your data file on multiple computers (or share it with your accountant) without purchasing extra registrations. It also means that you can transfer it to a new computer without paying for it again. With that in mind:-

  • It's the User's Responsibility to do Backups of their Data Files
    This protects both the data and the registration (when a file is registered). Acclaim Software does not give out codes when the user has not made backups of their registered data file. This is because the giving out of codes has been abused in the past. If a data file has been lost, then a user can purchase another code for half the normal price.
  • Doing the Year End Procedure Correctly
    At the end of a financial year, it is the user's responsibilty to follow the Year End Procedure as described in the Help file. This includes rolling the year over correctly - 'within the same data file'. It is important not to start a new data file for a new year for many reasons - 1) The new file won't be registered, 2) The sales history doesn't carry through, 3) The invoices outstanding don't carry through, 4) The customer history screens don't carry much history, and so on. If you start a new data file at the beginning of a new financial year and ignore the message clearly warning you not to do so, then you can purchase another registration for half the normal price.
  • Starting Another Business
    If you start another business (or another branch of a business) then you need to purchase a second registration, and you can do so for half the normal price.